Our Purpose

Cube8 exists to incubate great ideas and turn them into real products. We exist as a collective of talent from game designers, graphic artists, sound engineers, and software developers collaborating to make the best games possible.

Core Values

Aspiration - We believe in order to survive in this world we must always strive for something better, faster, and more amazing. Our customers deserve that effort.

Ingenuity - We are problem solvers at heart. We do not shy away from challenges but meet them head on with an "Anything is Possible" attitude.

Family - We know our strength comes from our team, and our team is our family, so we strive to cultivate that camaraderie through a strong team culture.

Fun - We believe work should not feel like "work". We spend so much of our lives working, why should it be a drag on life. We believe "work" should be an uplifting experience that enhances life and challenges us in a positive way.

Our Mission

To build a brand of creativity, quality, and fun.